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At IFERP., We are extremely serious about issues pertaining to publishing ethics. Every article will undergo peer review by numerous subject-matter specialists since, in our opinion, the peer-review publication process is a crucial component of academia, and its integrity must be upheld at all costs. Peer review calls for professionals in the relevant sectors to provide their thoughts and suggestions for how to make the submissions better.

Proceedings & Publications

Indexed supporting journals of ICCCE-2024 published by renowned publishers will provide with the opportunity to publish full papers following the peer review process. Authors are encouraged to read scope and choose the best fitting journal.

Note: ICCCE - 24 proceedings series will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI) and to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing.(T&C)*


International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication
ISSN: 2321-8169
International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security
ISSN: 2073-607X
International journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering
ISSN: 2147-6799
Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
ISSN: 1935-0090 (print) ISSN: 2325-0399 (online)

Major steps involved in publishing a research paper from the manuscript preparation to publication are as follows

Perform Research : Have original research work of current interest. Scholars should focus on high-quality research to enable advancement in the field. An extensive literature review will be helpful in finding the current challenges in the field.

Prepare Manuscript Identify a journal with aims & scope close to your research work. This is the time when the author requires to find all detail and policy of the journal including copyright, authorship, submission policy, and publication charges.

After finding a suitable journal, format the manuscript according to the author's guideline of the targeted journal. While you are writing up your findings, come up with what you believe are unique hypotheses, base your work on robust data, and use an appropriate research methodology. Provide theoretical insight, and share theoretical and practical implications for your work.

Peer-review: After the editorial screening, the peer-reviewing process will get initiated for a well-formatted manuscript within the scope of the journal. Keep patience and wait for a reply from the editor during the review process which may take a couple of weeks. Reviewing time varies from journal to journal, you may visit about section of an individual journal to find the approximate required reviewing time of that journal..

  • Decision: Based on the reviewer’s recommendation, the editor will send you one of the following decision letters
  • Revision Required: Revise the manuscript as per comment and resubmit..
  • Decline: Look at your manuscript and decline the reason. Spend plenty of time to improve your overall manuscript and resubmit it as a fresh manuscript.
  • Accepted: It’s time to celebrate, your manuscript will be copyedited by the journal for final publication.

Publication: Few days after acceptance of the manuscript you will receive a galley proof version for minor proofreading corrections and your paper will be published.It’s time to share your published work and cite in other related papers as per the licensing policy of the journal.

Ethics and publication Malpractice

For Authors
Ethics and publication practices are crucial aspects of the scholarly community to ensure the integrity, credibility, and reliability of research. For the 4th International Conference on Advancing Knowledge from Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Engineering & Technology (ICAKMPET-2024), participants and authors are expected to adhere to ethical standards and avoid publication malpractices. Here are key principles

Ethical Guidelines

Authorship and Contributorship
Clearly define authorship criteria, ensuring that individuals who have made significant contributions are listed as authors.

Acknowledge the contributions of others who did not meet the criteria for authorship in the acknowledgment section.

Avoid plagiarism by properly citing and referencing all sources used in the research.

Use plagiarism detection tools to ensure originality in the manuscript.

Data Integrity
Ensure the accuracy and integrity of research data.

Clearly present and describe the methods used in data collection and analysis.

Informed Consent:
Ensure the accuracy and integrity of research data.Obtain informed consent from human subjects involved in the research, ensuring they understand the purpose, risks, and benefits.

Conflict of Interest:
Disclose any financial or personal relationships that may influence the research or its interpretation.

Address conflicts of interest transparently.

Research Ethics:
Conduct research in accordance with ethical standards and guidelines.

Obtain approval from institutional review boards for studies involving human subjects.

Publication Malpractice Prevention

Multiple Submissions
Avoid submitting the same manuscript to multiple conferences or journals simultaneously.

Disclose if the manuscript is under consideration or has been published elsewhere.

Authorship Manipulation
Clearly define the roles and contributions of all authors.

Do not include individuals who did not contribute significantly to the research as authors.

Data Falsification and Fabrication:
Present accurate and truthful data.

Do not manipulate or fabricate data to support desired outcomes.

Review Process Integrity:
Maintain the integrity of the peer-review process by providing honest and constructive feedback

Avoid conflicts of interest during the review process.

Transparent Reporting:
Clearly report all aspects of the research, including methods, results, and limitations.

Avoid selective reporting to manipulate the perceived significance of results.

Redundant Publication:
Do not submit or publish the same research in multiple outlets without proper disclosure.

Clearly state any prior presentations or publications related to the research.

Retraction and Corrections:
Promptly retract or correct any errors identified in published work.

Cooperate with editors and publishers to address any concerns about published research.

Authors, reviewers, and conference organizers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with ethical guidelines and collaborate to maintain the highest standards of integrity in research and publication. Violation of ethical standards can have serious consequences for the individual researcher and the academic community as a whole.

Publications in Journals

The Engineering Technology Open Access Journal could also be a colossal online journal publication that deals with all varieties of Engineering Technology.

The IFERP journals embrace transmission, subject area, Management in Engineering, design, manufacture, performance validation, and application of high exactness machines, instruments, and parts.


Publication Opportunity in Premium publishers Journal which are indexed in SCIE & Scopus

  • 1.Regular Issue
  • 2.Special /Thematic Issue


Publication Opportunity in Journals which are indexed in Scopus

  • 1.Regular Issue
  • 2.Special /Thematic Issue

Web Of

Web of Science subscription-based service gives you access to numerous databases with citation data for academic areas.


Publication Opportunity in Journals which are indexed in Google Scholar and other premium index agencies

  • 1.Regular Issue

Research Guidance

IFERP offers support and opportunities for academics who aim for excellence in their research activities. A good way to develop cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of society is through research

Editing & Revision

  • Grammatical Corrections
  • Language Editing
  • Plagiarism correction.
  • Proofreading
  • Research Paper Editing
  • Case Report Editing
  • Synopsis Editing
  • Thesis Editing

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