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Publication FAQ

Publication FAQ

  • Q1. Will the conference proceedings be SCOPUS/ ESCI indexed?

    Ans: Yes, It will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI) and to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing.(T&C)*

  • Q2.Whether all the accepted papers will be published in SCOPUS or only selected papers will be published in SCOPUS ?

    Ans: Only selected papers will be published in SCOPUS Indexed Journals.

  • Q3.Is the registration fee includes Publication?

    Ans: Yes, the registration fee includes for publication.(T&C)*

  • Q4.Can I review the papers only without fulfilling any advisory board responsibilities ?

    Ans: No, you can review the papers only after being a part of our committee member.

  • Q5.Can you provide me an extra proceeding ?

    Ans: Yes, charges applied.

  • Q6. Can I add more co-authors in proceeding ?

    Ans: Upto 4 co-authors can be added in the proceedings prior to printing.

  • Q7. Can I get a soft copy of the proceeding ?

    Ans: Yes, you can download the soft copies of the proceedings book from the website. iferp.in

  • Q8. Can you send me modified certificates (if any corrections) ?

    Ans: Yes, we do.

  • Q9. Can I get an acceptance letter from the journal editorial ?

    Ans: No, the journal acceptance will not be sent by the Journal Editorial Board.